Hi! I am Mantist Oryem

I'm A Mindset & Business Coach Vlogger Entrepreneur Artist Dad

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Hi there,

I'm Mantist Oryem

My world is filled with diverse endeavors. I create engaging learning and development content. Under the alias MantistMusic.com, I express my artistry as a recording artist & spoken word poet.

I’m also an entrepreneur and business owner, spearheading ventures like GetPaidLivingYourPassion.com and MantisticPro.com.

In addition, I’m deeply committed to coaching and mentoring others, driven by a desire to enact positive change. In the midst of it all, I cherish my role as a father to two endlessly energetic kids.

When it comes to topics of discussion, I’m particularly passionate about personal and leadership development, team building, achieving financial independence, and breaking the cycle to establish generational wealth.


I can sum up my 35-year life journey so far in 3 different phases…3 different dominant state of mind I experience:

Mantist Oryem and other boy at refugee camp

1993 – 2003


I was living in refugee camps. That whole 10 years, my life can be sum up in one word: Survival 

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2004 – 2014​


2004, migrated to Australia & started a new life. This 2nd 10 years of my life can be sum up in another one word: Victim

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2015 – DATE​


This part of the 3rd decades, my life can be sum up in 2 words: Personal Responsibility

My - Bio

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Story Of overcoming to becoming

I came to Australia back in 2004 as a refugee migrant with nothing but a suitcase and a dream. I was a 16 year old kid running on empty.

I could barely speak any English. I had zero marketable skillsets, A broken self image and for years, I felt totally powerless and outta place.

Survival period

Rewind back, I was born in South Sudan. A war torn country for generations. I spent 10 years of my childhood in refugee camps barely surviving. Would I eat today? Would I be safe today? — Type things.

That was my daily state of mind. Raise by a sing mum with no father power.

My father died in action when I was only 2…fighting for what I’ve been fighting for basically most of my life — FREEDOM.

And that’s my background. As I think back, nobody could have guess…not even myself that one day, I would be a success.

Mantist Oryem and other boy at refugee camp
Image of Full grown Mantist Oryem


Fast Forward…2015 was really the BIG turning point in my life. I was 26. Through all those compounded sequence of events, I came to a point where I just had it. So, I made a concrete decision to break the circle. My 1st goal was financial independent…I wanted to be free from the need of a paycheque before I was 40 so I can do my own things and call my own shots.

The 1st thing I did was, I became a student for success & study.

I wanted to know how successful entrepreneurs & business owners think & operate.

I’ve learnt, without exception, they all take total personal responsibility & accountability for their lives. That was BIG for me.

Because, up until then, I think I had PhD for blaming & complaining a lot.

“Rich people this, rich people that…the gov this, the gov that.”

You name it, I complained about it. 

So, I decided to turn everything that was once on my excuse list for not doing well, into fuel to attack and win.

The lack of money, the lack of skills, the old cars that break on the road, the debts and the pile up bills that felt impossible to get on top off.

My mantra became PLAY to WIN…Zero tolerance for E.V.E. 

I was totally committed to “hustle until I didn’t ever have to struggle.” 

And the rest is really history.

my list of ventures & other accomplishment

Logo of Get Paid Living Your Passion

Mantist Oryem, a seasoned entrepreneur and business consultant, crafted GPLYP, Inc. with the vision of guiding you from your present to your desired future. By furnishing you with valuable information and insights, we aim to instill confidence in your abilities and aspirations, empowering you to uncover your genuine passions.

Join forces with Mantist, boasting over a decade of experience in transforming concepts into reality. Together, we will navigate past hurdles, establish your enterprise, and forge a pathway to genuine success across life, family, finances, and business.

Embrace change, for it paves the way to liberation – The Path to Freedom is Paved by Change!

Learn more on GPLYP Official Website — GetPaidLivingYourPassion.com

Logo of Mantistic Productions

Mantistic Productions is a Design and Marketing Agency owned by Mantist Oryem.

We are all about helping startups, small business owners and recording artists increase their brand values and awareness through high quality design and strategic social media marketing.

Whether you’re just starting out or already in business, we can be your go to business partners with all your graphic & website designing, video editing and business growth consulting needs.

Learn more on MantisticPro Official Website —  MantisticPro.com

Check out Mantist Oryem albums released

Over the years, Mantist Oryem has release 4 studio albums. 3 hip hop albums and 1 spoken words poetry album.

out of poverty into the glory by Mantist Oryem​

Out of Poverty Into The Glory.

First Album

First album of Mantist Oryem — “Out of Poverty Into The Glory.” Share a lot of stories of his childhood from war torn to refugee camps.

bolobantist again the norm by Mantist Oryem

BoloMantist Again The Norm

Second Album

2nd album of Mantist Oryem, “BoloMantist Again The Norm” was an EP he release with his teen age friend and band member Bolo. Which dive into a new evolution of Mantist.

Hello Mama by Mantist Oryem

Hello Mama

Third Album

3rd album of Mantist Oryem — “Hello Mama” was a dedication to his single mother.

The World Must Know Mantist by Mantist Oryem

The World Must Know Mantist

Fourth Album

His 4th album — “The World Must Know Mantist” is a spoken words poetry album where Mantist Oryem shine his poetic and story telling skills.

Check out few of Mantist Spoken Words Poetry Official videos