Group Workshops To Help Your Team Elevate

Invite Mantist Oryem to run master class-type group workshops tailored to your team or organisation.

Group Workshop Focus Areas:

Choose your preferred Subject matters, below.

Target : Audience

Group Workshop Purpose:

To help participants improve themselves in those key identified areas so they can do more and achieve more both in their personal and professional lives.


Our objective is that, by the end of each workshop, participants will come out with real-world experience in specific areas —

E.g, Develop a skillset on how to clarify life passion/purpose.

They will be able to develop the confidence to transfer these skills to other members of their families or communities.


You can choose from 1 of 2 options.

Option 1 : A one-off group workshop – generally runs for 2-4 hours.

Option 2: Multiple series of workshops – This could be a series of 4 – 6 weeks where we dive into different subject matters.


You can choose from a virtual zoom option or a face-to-face option depending on accessibility.

Option 1: 100% Virtual Zoom

Option 2: In-Person – Travel costs may apply

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