Coaching & Mentoring Program

For Young Refugees | Migrants | International Students  (15 - 35)

This program is designed to help young refugees & migrants gain confidence where there’s uncertainty both in self and in the future.

Remove confusion and replace with clarity of vision and focus in their hearts and minds.

To help them develop a clear action plan as they progress in their careers and personal lives.


Our heart felt desire is to see more young refugees and migrants strive in the area of economic advancement and self reliance so they can live a successful and independent lives with a sense of belonging within the wider community.

Coaching Focus Areas

Coaching on mindset for success

Coaching on career success

Coaching on starting or marketing a business

Group Workshops

Target : Audience


Time and time again, these top 3 BIG issues keep coming up in conversations I had with 100s & 100s of young refugees & migrants and their community leaders.


Most young refugee migrants came from such a tormented background that majority of their early life been life of survival.

This has cause a deep rooted feeling of unworthiness, lack of self trust and self believe. Most of them basically running on empty…feeling powerless


Most young refugee migrants never stop, take a piece of paper and map out exactly what their short-term, mid-term or long term goals are. Nobody took the time to show them how. So, they end up drifting and moving about aimlessly without any clear direction.


Although the prospect of coming into a new country is an exciting experience,

most young refugee migrants feel out of place in their new country. They feel lonely, confuse and misunderstood.


Discover what’s happening in the lives of our young refugees & migrants.

Over the years, I had conversations with 1000s of young refugee & migrants and spoken with many non-for-profit organisations and community leaders about the challenges our young refugee migrants are facing around career and mental health.

Real Storie

Here are few real life stories of young refugees & migrants and some of the challenges they had to overcome alone.


These mean, our Young People are feeling:


We See Them





WHY I Created This Program:

Why I Feel So Stronger About this Program

This coaching & mentoring program is my way to response to that cry for help. The program is a byproduct of my own personal journey of overcoming to becoming into a powerful me. Nothing is theory. It’s based on 100% lived experience.
A personal growth journey that took me over a decade of obsessive daily pursuit. To give you some context, here’s a quick background on myself.


the creator.

Hello, I'm Mantist Oryem

I’m the creator of this program. 2009, I graduated with a diploma in community development.
I was inspired to make a different.
I wanted to learn how I could make a lasting impact in the lives of young people in our community. Particularly in the lives of our young refugees & migrants…something very close to my heart.


My Story:

I came in Australia back in 2004 as a refugee migrant with nothing but a suitcase and a dream. Sort of like a backpacker but with zero money. And nothing was going for me. Looking back, until I was 25, my life was really a nightmare. I had zero money. I couldn’t speak any English. I had zero marketable skill. Terrible self image. And almost next to nothing self confidence. In a word, I was right at the bottom of all citizens. And the only way forward was up.

Rewind back.

I was born in South Sudan…a war torn country for generations. I spent 10 years of my childhood in refugee camps…barely surviving. Would I eat today? Would I be safe today type thing. That was my daily state of mind. Raise by a single mum with no father power. My father died in action when I was only 2…fighting for what I’ve been fighting for basically most of my life FREEDOM. And that’s my background. As I think back, nobody could have guess…not even myself that one day I would be a success.

list of some Mantist ortem accomplishment

What Others Saying About Mantist.

Hear from people who know Mantist, what they think of him and his program.

The BIG issues you identify our young people arefacing /Your passion to tackle it:

I think there are many aspects of life that cause
young people in general issues. These can be
things like mental health, preparing for
employment and getting a good education (and
seeing the importance of that) and a lack of

The BIG issues you identify our young people are
facing /Your passion to tackle it:

Young refugees and immigrant people have a hard
time when they come to a new country. They face
many, many challenges.

Health and mental health: The things that
refugees went through before they came to
Australia affect their health and mental ….

The BIG issues you identify our young people are
facing /Your passion to tackle it:

From my years of experience, there are many
challenges and the followings are among the
keys challenges facing young people:

1. Disharmony within families: misunderstanding
between couples and 

The BIG issues you identify our young people are
facing /Your passion to tackle it:

Mental health: Mental health problems, such as
anxiety and depression, are prevalent among
teenagers in Australia. This can be due to academic
pressures, social media, and family problems.

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